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Proxmox User Management

This demonstrates how to create users, assign permissions and create user tokens for integrations into Proxmox as an example.


For more detailed information on user management, see the "Proxmox User Management" documentation.

Token Creation Guide

First I had to create a user, which is done by navigating to Permissions, Users, then select Add and create a user:

Then we want to assign permissions to our user, which is done by navigating to Permissions, then select Add, select the path as /, select the user that was created, and in my case I selected PVEAdmin as the role:

After we have assigned permissions to the user, we can now create a user token by heading to Permissions, then select API Tokens, then select Add, then select the user that we created, deselect, the Priviledge Seperation check box, provide the Token ID and provide a comment if you want to:

Once you create the API Token, you will receive the Token ID and Secret, the secret will only be visible once, so it's a good time to copy the secret value to a secure place.