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Proxmox Cluster Setup

The next thing I had to do was to create a 3 Node Proxmox Cluster.


If you are setting up your own cluster and you need more info, you can visit their cluster documentation

Three Proxmox Nodes

I have installed Proxmox on my three nodes, starting with pve1 running on nuc-01:

Then I have pve2 running on nuc-02:

Then I have pve3 running on nuc-03:

Create the Cluster

On pve1 I select "Datacenter", then "Cluster" then select "Create Cluster" and provide a name for my cluster:

Once I select create, it will show you the status of the cluster creation and as soon as its done, you should see "TASK OK", as can be seen below:

Join the Nodes

Now we need to retrieve the information to join other nodes to the cluster, which you can get from the same cluster view, by selecting "Join Information":

As you can see I've stripped the fingerprint and join information. You can click "Copy Information" as we will need it to join our other nodes. Then I've switched to pve2, selected "Datacenter", "Cluster" and then selected "Join Cluster".

Here we can paste the information that we've copied in the previous step. All we need to do extra is to provide the root password (or other administrative user that you might've created):

We will see the following output while it's joining the cluster:

After this I lost connection to my session and then I just refreshed the browser and logged in again, then I could see that I have two nodes in my cluster:

I've repeated this step on pve3 as well, then when I went back to pve1 (or any other node), I could see that all three nodes are now in my cluster: